• Month 2 – Manchester Marathon Training
    Where on earth is my life going? After just completing week 8 of training for Manchester Marathon, I am now¬†HALFWAY! I feel like it's been 2 minutes since I first looked over my training plan from Clean Coach Katie. Still rocking the shorts despite the freezing temperature! Over the last 2 weeks in particular, the … Read more
  • Why do I run?
    My attempt to answer a question I am so often asked – "why do you run?" "I am confident and comfortable in my own skin" Running is hard. It requires effort. Sometimes the rapid breathing hurts our chest and our quads start to burn or our knees feel funny from the pounding of our feet … Read more
  • Month 1 – Manchester Marathon Training
    Starting my training plan and getting new trainers! Okay, so I've just finished week 3 of my Manchester Marathon training plan. Before I tell you more about what the first 3 weeks have entailed, let me give you some background. This will be my 3rd marathon. I ran the London Marathon in 2018 (hottest EVER!) … Read more