I’m Anastasia. I’m 26, currently living in Milton Keynes, but originally Dorset raised! When I’m not running, I work full time as a Service Product Manager in Automotive. Running is great in MK, but being raised by the sea, I really do miss it!

I started this blog because in April 2020 I am running Manchester Marathon, followed by my first Ultra Marathon in July (Race to the Stones). With a busy job and a healthy social life, I often find it hard to make sure I get quality runs. Blogging, along with my Instagram (@MurphyRuns) will help me stay on track and motivate myself, even if no one reads it.

As of writing this, I have run 2 marathons and 8 half marathons. In 2017, I ran my first Half marathon. I went from 0 miles to half marathon, because I needed a challenge that would scare me. I was a little overweight, lazy and I needed to sort it out to be honest. I took a few months off (laziness) and then signed up to the 2017 London Marathon. I raised £4,500 for Alzheimer’s Society and that race bloody changed my life.

Along with motivating myself, I want this blog to inspire people to run or exercise to boost their own confidence, self-esteem and improve their mental health. I want people to focus on being active and seeing small, regular changes in their mind-set.

Stay with me – I want your tips, feedback and advice. Follow me on Instagram @murphyruns

Happy running,

Anastasia x

  • Current PB’s
  • 5km – 23:43
  • 10km – 51:54
  • Half Marathon – 1:52
  • Full Marathon – 4.22